The coolest method to show the feminine beauty


Baby, is time wearing a babydoll for a night of passion!

The sexy underwear has a history that proves that some things never change. From vintage corsets and bra until today push-up, has evolved, as a form of underwear, but its purpose remains the same: to highlight the sensuality of the female form. New trend outfits with sexy underwear sight are full of enticing sensuality, but […]


Wedding lingerie is the perfect way to start a perfect happy new life!

A few years ago, women do not really have much choice regarding the wedding lingerie. But today, with the market introduction of various designs of companies like Victoria’s Secret, women wedding underwear drawer a real treasure made ​​of sheets of different styles and colors. No woman should settle for just a basic white bra and […]


Corset tops puts women on top!

There are basic rules in choosing the right underwear for transparent, loose, or revealing outfits. Every woman wants to show as much as possible some naked skin that spoils her with warmth. Such dresses, blouses loose, jeans, shorts or pleated skirts make their way into our personal wardrobe and complete outfits worn in hot days. […]


Wearing sexy corsets will make women look hot!

Choosing sexy women underwear is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Although women pay more attention to the way her outdoor outfit is built, yet must not let on the background the exotic lingerie model. Experts state that the right pieces can complement the woman’s outfit and how her body shapes highlight. […]